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Custom Sessions and Rates

Nicole will customize a Yoga and Healing Arts session for you or your group.

You can select from a variety of modalities to tailor your experience.


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Healing Modalities


Yoga Asana

  • Focused practice using guidance and assists to build correct Alignment, Strength and Flexibility of poses for your individual Body type.


Applied Thai Yoga

  • Can be given as an individual therapy, or combined with Yoga Asana and Craniosacral Therapy. We may work the entire body or individual areas as your specific needs require. Helps to activate the energy lines (Sen) of the body using acupressure and stretching, while mobilizing the joints and muscles through applied movement. Traditional whole body sessions last a minimum of 2-hours.
  • You may also request a “workshop” style instructional session for groups of 2-10 people.


NativeNidra Journeying

  • Allow your body to be guided to a state of deep relaxation to prepare you for CranioSacral and Shamanic energy healing. Guided meditation for the senses accesses the creative mind to break through intellectual inhibitions that allows your energy body to awaken.  Clients have been known to reach Theta state, the healing state of brainwaves, in Native Nidra Journeys. No two experiences are alike.


CranioSacral Therapy

  • Once your body is in a relaxed state, your personal energy field is receptive to healing of the subtle body.  Bio-dynamic CranioSacral methods and Intuitive Energy Healing methods may be used to tap into the flow of your energy, helping to re-integrate “stuck” spots of emotions, injuries and general imbalances.


Shamanic Healing

  • Having studied shamanic techniques with teachers in Bali, an Apache medicine man and even some knowledge of African traditions, shamanic healing takes an inexplicable form. The natural elements are used as a conduit between the healer and the client. Spiritual healing has long been used by ancient and indigenous cultures as a valid approach to alleviate physical and mental distress.


Aroma and Crystal Activation

  • As your body unwinds its stuck energy, we will use a crystal pendulum to detect additional areas that need clearing from the energetic systems of the body.  Crystals and aromatherapy oils may be placed used on the body to help stimulate positive movement of energy through Nadis.

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Rates and Policies


All rates for individual custom sessions will be charged as follows.

$60 for 1 hour

$85 for 1.5 hours

$ 115 for 2 hours

$140 for 2.5 hours

$160 for 3 hours

* Individuals may purchase 3 hours of time to receive a discount and split time between multiple sessions.

* Individual sessions will be held at Native Yogi Studios (out of my home) unless previously arranged otherwise.

* For Yoga Asana, Applied Thai Yoga Workshops and NativeNidra Journeying, these rates are good for up to 4 people per session. (Travel fees not included)

* For your convenience I accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express

For larger groups or longer sessions, please contact me to discuss your needs.